Democrats Reinsert God into Platform

There was a really interesting moment at the Democratic National Convention yesterday. After being criticized for removing God and Jerusalem from their platform, platform leaders called for a suspension of the rules to have the language reinserted. The revised language included the word God and a reference to Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

When the revision was put to a vote, it was pretty clear that the “no” votes were in the majority. At the very least, the “no’s” were even with the “aye’s.” There certainly was not a clear two-thirds majority in favor of the amendment. So the chair called for two more voice votes, and the “no’s” got louder and louder. Finally, the speaker declared that the “aye’s” had it, and he declared that the amendment had passed.

What does this mean? It means that the delegates do not approve of this part of the platform. So why was it rammed through? CNN reports that President Obama insisted that the language be included, and so it was—even over the protests of the delegates.

The whole thing takes about three minutes to watch, and you can do so below. It is quite the spectacle.


  • Patrick Duncan

    Amusing that the “nay sayers” get a taste of their own medicine – i.e. unaccountable executive mandate/decisionmaking that has been taken to a new level with this president.

  • Greg Alford

    Friends, every Pastor in this nation should set up and take note of the “Open Hostility” toward both God and Israel on display by the delegates to the Democratic National Convention!

    The party leaders would like to cover this up… but the ugly truth is that this is how the rank and file of the “NEW” Democratic Party actually feel, and they let it be known with gusto!

    This “Raw” hatred (for that is exactly what it is) should wake many Christians in this nation up from their long nap, and it should be seen as a warning that politics do indeed matter to the future of the Chruch in America… But seeing as no one on the blogs, except our host here is even talking about it… I doubt it actually will.

    Grace for the Journey,

  • shaynus

    This is why parliamentary authorities such as Robert’s Rules of Order and The Standard Code recommend voting by hand raising, standing, or ballot when taking votes that require 2/3. It’s one thing for the chair hear who is louder in a voice vote, but to hear who is 1/3 more loud is more difficult, not that this was even close.

  • Mike Lynch

    With the sickening show of support and applause they’ve shown for “choice” (not that it’s a surprise) that was on display at the DNC, does this even matter?

  • Roger

    I’m a lttle surprised that on this forum, only Greg seems to catch what is important about what happened. For Christians, what is telling about the Democratic Party should be how they shake their fist in the face of God. Pro-abortion (not choice, abortion), and gay marriage. Obama isn’t evil, and Romney isn’t that impressive, but people, look at the party platforms!! One of them is antagonistic toward our God. The God of the Bible. Christians, focus on the majors, not the minors.

  • Kris Harrison

    The same thing happened at the RNC with a rules change. Both parties are pushing/ramming the establishment across regardless of the delegates are there. Here’s a video that shows both parties simply reading from the telepromter, regardless of the vote from the audience: http://youtu.be/HmaE2Aez_XY

    I’m sure God is glad that the DNC decided to include him in what they’re doing, especially since their platform includes things that are clearly sin according to His word. Sad 🙁

    Politics matter, but they can become our God if we’re not careful.

  • Paul Abella

    You say you’re not a partisan, Denny, but where’s the story about the RNC Neanderthals chanting USA, USA, USA as the chairperson for the Republican Puerto Rican delegation tried to speak? That was three or four times as low as this. Not mentioning God in your platform is really neither here nor there – neither party is going to govern according to God’s plan for Israel, so why bother? But being the party of xenophobia, even amongst your own? That’s lower than I’ve seen in a while, and I’m a jazz musician. I see low on an every day basis.

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