Current Issue of JBMW Available Online

The current issue of The Journal for Biblical Manhood & Womanhood is now available online for free download from There are many excellent articles in this issue, and contributors include Josh Harris, Stephen Nichols, Albert Mohler, and Rebecca Jones. Of course my review of gender language in the 2011 NIV is included as well. Here’s the full table of contents:

Item Title Author
Editorial Denny Burk
Odds & Ends Denny Burk
Women in Black Too: The Untold Story of Women and the Reformation Stephen J. Nichols
Hard to Believe? Biblical Authority and Evangelical Feminism R. Albert Mohler Jr.
The Translation of Gender Terminology in the NIV 2011 Denny Burk
A Word to Husbands (And a Few More for Wives): 1 Peter 3:1-7 Joshua Harris
Liberation as Gender Confusion: A Review of Kristina LaCelle-Peterson, Liberating Tradition Rebecca Jones
The Big Picture of Marriage: A Review of John Piper, This Momentary Marriage Rob Lister
Historically Engaging but Not Theologically Neutral: A Review of Lynn H. Cohick, Women in the World of the Earliest Christians Benjamin L. Merkle
Hoping for More Girls to Go Wise: A Review of Mary Kassian, Girls Gone Wise in a World Gone Wild Courtney Reissig
Needed: Men: A Review of Richard D. Phillips, The Masculine Mandate Benjamin Reaoch
Subduing or Subdued? “Manly Dominion” in (Biblical) Perspective: A Review of Mark Chanski, Manly Dominion Robert E. Sagers
Considering the Egalitarian Stumbling Block: A Review of Recent NT Commentaries Christopher W. Cowan

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