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Chuck Todd’s Interview with Cecile Richards

I like Chuck Todd. I like “Meet the Press.” I don’t like this interview (watch above).

Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards makes a number of false claims to which Chuck Todd offered no pushback. She said that the videos had been doctored, even though an independent firm has verified that they were not. Chuck Todd said nothing.

Richards said that Carly Fiorina is telling lies about Planned Parenthood’s sale of baby parts, yet the videos offer eye witness testimony and actual footage of Planned Parenthood doctors saying exactly what Fiorina’s claims. Chuck Todd said nothing.

Richards said that the videos have been “discredited by every reputable news source,” yet nothing could be further from the truth. Chuck Todd said nothing.

Bottom line: Richards made many claims that should have been challenged. Chuck Todd didn’t even look like he understood the issues, much less which questions to ask. Compare this with the grilling he gave Carly Fiorina last week (see below).

For some reason Richards got the kid-gloves treatment while Fiorina got the golden gloves treatment. Unbelievable. Well, not really, I guess.


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