Chris Matthews Gets It…Sort of

On Monday, Chris Matthews interviewed Jim Cooper (Democrat Congressman from Tennessee) and Cecile Richards (President of Planned Parenthood). Neither Cooper nor Richards is being straightforward about the Stupak Amendment that was attached to the House’s healthcare reform bill on Saturday. Matthews is a liberal and is pro-choice, but even he won’t let them get away with it.

Be sure to pay careful attention to Cooper and Richards’s rationale for rejecting the pro-life Stupak Amendment. Utterly false.


  • Brian Manns

    Richards refers to funding abortion under the health care bill as, “full reproductive care.” Very subtle, very sneaky, very deceptive use of words.

  • Don Johnson

    The way to try to frame the discussion and the talking points have been fine tuned over time by the pro-aborts. It really is a clash of worldviews.

  • Pilgrim

    I laughed at Matthews’ stumbling over the “cut this in half” metaphor. King Solomon is rolling in his grave.

    If any of those supposed pro-life Democrats can say “I trust that Stupak will protect the unborn from Federally funded dismemberment,” they are willfully ignorant, and hence complicit in the millions of abortions to come. It’s worse than naivete, it’s accessory to murder. Stupak, and the protections it supposedly offers, won’t survive five years of National Health Care.

    You have to be willfully ignorant of the principles of incrementalism to support this immoral legislative filth.

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