Choosing Thomas

Twenty weeks into their pregnancy, T. K. and Deidrea Laux found out that their son had Trisomy 13—a rare DNA abnormality. After being counseled that “terminating the pregnancy” would be an option, they chose life. In Deidrea’s own words:

“We didn’t not terminate because we were hanging on to some sort of hope that there was a medical mistake or there was gonna be some sort of medical miracle. We didn’t terminate because he’s our son.”

The Dallas Morning News has produced this video chronicling the birth and home-going of Thomas. The Laux’s are members of Paul Lindquist’s church (one of my former Criswell College students), and Paul is the one who alerted me to “Choosing Thomas.” This is an amazing story of love and life, and you need to watch it.

Praise God for this sweet family. What a testimony to the grace of God.

The image above is an excerpt from Deidrea Laux’s diary, the rest of which you can read on the DMN website.


  • Nielsen Unger

    That was quite the range of emotions; the mystery between God’s love and grace in the midst of pain. Thanks for sharing the video; beautiful story.

  • Jan D.

    What a beautiful, powerful, and touching story. It is a loving and truthful testimony to the fact that ALL life is sacred.

    If somebody out there is contemplating terminating a pregnancy, my hope and prayer would be she will see this video/ diary and change her mind.

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