• Nathan

    I never understood the Peanuts specials. It seemed the characters were either pontificating about something boring, shouting, or talking to someone I couldn’t understand – and then there’s that incessant piano music.

  • Myles


    Check out Jimmy Wallace’s new album “Working For Peanuts.” It’s great! (He played organ and piano on The Critics album, and will be doing a show with us in Shreveport on 12/20…if u r headed home around that time…)

  • Paul

    “incessant piano music?”

    Nathan, you and people like you are why America will be a culturally impotent country within my lifetime.

    Donn — this is why I have bought all of the Peanuts collections on DVD. Then school nights and world series conflicts are no longer an issue.

  • Nathan

    @Paul: Not everyone gets jazz piano. That doesn’t automatically make one culturally inept as if up-tempo jazz piano is the standard. I realize that I’m probably in the minority, but IMO the Peanuts specials’ music, style, subject matter, etc. do not gel together into something wonderful. A good example of when things do work out is the Snowman which is great at all levels.

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