Change That Pro-Life People Can’t Believe In

Many “pro-life” Obama supporters made the case before the election that abortions would decrease under an Obama administration. Such statements were always suspect, given that Obama was the most pro-abortion candidate ever to run for office.

Signs that President-elect Obama will in fact continue his pro-abortion posture have already begun to emerge. The Washington Post reports on the executive orders that Obama will implement soon after he takes office. The article says,

“In some instances, Obama would be quickly delivering on promises he made during his two-year campaign, while in others he would be embracing Clinton-era policies upended by President Bush during his eight years in office.”

The first two policy changes mentioned relate to life-issues: federal funding for abortions and embryonic stem-cell research.

“Obama himself has signaled, for example, that he intends to reverse Bush’s controversial limit on federal funding of embryonic stem cell research . . .

“The new president is also expected to lift a so-called global gag rule barring international family planning groups that receive U.S. aid from counseling women about the availability of abortion, even in countries where the procedure is legal, said Cecile Richards, the president of Planned Parenthood Federation of America. When Bill Clinton took office in 1993, he rescinded the Reagan-era regulation, known as the Mexico City policy, but Bush reimposed it.”

So Obama will approve tax-payer funding for scientific experiments that destroy human life, and he will make sure that groups receiving U.S. aid will be able to provide and promote abortion services abroad.

To be sure, this is only the beginning of the flood of pro-death policies that will be coming forth from this administration. This is change alright, but not the kind that a pro-life person can believe in.


  • Barry

    Here’s the worst line from the article:

    “We have been communicating with his transition staff” almost daily, [Cecile] Richards [pres. of Planned Parenthood] said. “We expect to see a real change.”


  • John Holmberg

    Same ol rhetoric. If you could give us the facts without acting like Obama loves abortion and wants everybody to get one then that would be honorable. You act like Obama wants not only US people to get abortions, but everybody in the globe as well. Your rhetoric is disturbing. But isn’t God “sovereign” over all of this anyways? Even after the election, it’s the same ol demonizing stuff.

  • Darius Teichroew

    John, let me explain. Obama has called babies “punishment.” If he views them in that way, doesn’t it make sense that he would want to promote abortions? Furthermore, he plans on doing two things immediately in office. One, sign FOCA, which will eliminate even the most reasonable abortion restrictions (like Partial Birth Abortion Ban). Only a barbarian would sign that bill. Two, he plans of reducing or eliminating the federal funding of crisis pregnancy centers that Bush had set up. Why would a pro-choice person do that? Be pro-choice if you want, but if you are actually wanting to lower the amount of abortions, then crisis pregnancy centers would be the best place to start.

    The evidence is clear: Obama is very pro-abortion.

  • Darius Teichroew

    As for your “sovereign” red herring… God is sovereign when a young child dies, but that doesn’t mean that the parents shouldn’t mourn. Likewise, we pro-lifers are mourning the coming storm and the evil on the horizon.

  • Don Johnson

    I do not know if this is what is happening, but it could be the case that God is allowing this so people will realize what the reality of voted for.

  • Brian Krieger

    1) I found it extremely ironic that when I visited the page, the sponsor in the corner was Shell (one of the other thrusts of the article was the California carbon emissions regulation.) Funny.
    2) Yes, John, God is fully in control. But don’t confuse that as a justification for lethargy or indifference. He will use all to work for His good. But we haven’t a clue what His will is. We strive for kingdom values. I think Dr. Burk’s point is that with one stroke of the pen, the new president will specifically contradict that (rescinding the embryonic stem cell research). The President-elect also continues to hold FOCA as a high value to his platform.
    3) I find it amusing that the carbon regulation is supposed to “stoke innovation”. I agree that necessity is the mother of invention. But carbon emission regulation will be detrimental and wind up focusing on trapping. The mpg increase initiative is what should be the thrust. Regulating our .0001% contribution to global carbon seems utterly silly (and expensive to boot).
    4) From that, the article points out two anti-life issues along with regulating carbon emissions (can’t we just breathe less? ;-). I think this will be a tone for the first part of his presidency. Over time, though, as policies are defined, even Obama supporters see the need for accountability.

  • Darius Teichroew

    “(can’t we just breathe less? ;-). ”

    THAT has been my suggestion from the beginning. All those who want to “save the planet” should just stop breathing so much.

    I wonder how far behind the curve the politicians will be on the climate change issue, now that it has become apparent that global cooling is very very likely for the next 30 years, and NOT global warming. I’m guessing that politicians will probably continue this idiocy at least another 5-8 years before they realize what the rest of the world already knows.

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