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Dear Readers,

If you are pro-life, it is very important that you take a moment to call you Congressman to tell him or her to support the pro-life Stupak-Pitts amendment to health care. The House of Representatives will be debating the measure over the next few hours and will vote on it this evening. It’s too late to e-mail, you have to call. You can locate your Representative’s number here. The call will only take you a few minutes.

The National Right to Life Committee regards this as “the most important House roll call on federal funding of abortion since the House last voted directly on the Hyde Amendment in 1997.” Time is short, and you need to call as soon as possible.

Please read the following from John Mark Reynolds:

Whatever you think of health care reform, Christians should unite on keeping federal money from paying for abortion. This is a bi-partisan effort. A Torrey Honors alum who works in Washington in an email:

Sorry to bother all of you on a crisp autumn morning and sorry for the mass email, but I need to break into your early morning reveries with politics: please, if you possibly can – CALL your US Representative and ask them to support the pro-life Stupak-Pitts amendment to health care!!

After months and months of making the case that any kind of health care reform should at the very least not increase the amount of lives hurt and destroyed by abortion, (no matter whether apart from that you’re for or against the current proposal) the Democrat leadership has finally been forced to allow a vote. The numbers are exactly on the line with no one knowing how such a vote will turn out, so every Member that even remotely might vote pro-life on something like the Hyde Amendment or overseas funding should be contacted and urged to vote the pro-life position. Right now, the vote is expected late today or tomorrow. Especially if you live in a district where the Member is not a solid pro-lifer (Souder, Boehner, Jordan and Herger for instance are all 100% pro-life), please call and ask them to vote for bi-partisan Stupak-Pitts amendment.

Even if your Representative is solid (or you don’t have one!), please pray. This may seem like “just politics as usual”, but if a vote is allowed today and it is defeated, it’s over. We lose our case and any further influence in the health care debate. If health care reform then passes, thousands more will be spent on funding abortion and thousands more babies will die – by our hand, with our money. Please God, may it not be so.

If you don’t know your representative go here, and once you know their name even if you don’t know their direct number, just call (they won’t get the emails until too late) 202-224-3121 and the Congressional operator will direct you to their office.

(HT: Justin Taylor)


  • PT

    Passing this amendment allowed the Blue Dogs to accept the full health care bill, which passed shortly after. Shouldn’t Republicans have seen past this amendment and not voted for it? Help me reconcile this, Denny.

  • Denny Burk


    I’m not crazy about the bill either. That being said, my priority here is not to prevent healthcare reform from passing. My priority is to see the unborn protected (reform or no reform).

    The abortion amendment was offered by a Democrat so that pro-life Democrats vote “yea” on the bill. Once the amendment came up for a vote, pro-life Republicans could hardly vote against it. I would have held it against them if they did.

    That’s my view, anyway. Thanks for the comment.


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