Bush and Obama Eulogize Fallen Dallas Officers

Earlier today, both President Obama and former President Bush offered eulogies at the memorial service for five Dallas police officers. You can watch President Bush’s remarks above and President Obama’s below. I think these words from President Bush stand out:

At our best, we honor the image of God we see in one another. We recognize that we are brothers and sisters, sharing the same brief moment on earth, and owing each other the loyalty of our shared humanity.

At our best, we know we have one country, one future, one destiny. We do not want the unity of grief. Nor do we want the unity of fear. We want the unity of hope, affection, and high purpose.

We know that the kind of just, humane country we want to build – that we have seen in our best dreams – is made possible when men and women in uniform stand guard. At their best, when they are trained and trusted and accountable, they free us from fear.

The Apostle Paul said, “For God gave us a spirit not of fear, but of strength and love and self-control.” Those are the best responses to fear in the life of our country. And they are the code of the peace officer.

Today, all of us feel a sense of loss – but not equally. I’d like to conclude with a word to the families, the spouses, and especially the children of the fallen. Your loved one’s time with you was too short, and they did not get the chance to properly say goodbye. But they went where duty called. They defended us, even to the end. They finished well. We will not forget what they did for us.

Your loss is unfair. We cannot explain it. We can stand beside you and share your grief. And we can pray that God will comfort you with a hope deeper than sorrow and stronger than death.

May God bless you.


  • Cindy

    I read the transcripts of both speeches. President Bush’s speech was exactly what the occasion called for, and exactly what I’d expect to hear from a president. Comforting, unifying, and calm. I’m sure the press will rip it to shreds, but those mourning, and the families of the deceased will hold it close to their hearts in the days to come.

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