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Book Note: “If You Bite & Devour One Another”

I just received a book in the mail that looks to be one worth noting. The book is titled If You Bite & Devour One Another: Biblical Principles for Handling Conflict. The author is Alexander Strauch, who is perhaps best known for his book on eldership, Biblical Eldership. Here’s the publisher’s description of this latest book:

“Conflict in churches is a pervasive problem we know all too well. If You Bite & Devour One Another is the only book of its kind, examining all the biblical passages on conflict and outlining key scriptural principles for handling various kinds of conflicts among Christian–whether personal disputes, issues of Christian liberty in lifestyles, congregational matters, or disagreements about important doctrines. The book emphasizes Spirit-controlled attitudes and behaviors through solid Bible exposition and true-to-life stories of Christians handling real-life conflicts in a Christ-honoring way.”

Here’s the table of contents:

1. Act in the Spirit
2. Act in Love
3. Act in Humility
4. Control the Anger
5. Control the Tongue
6. Control the Criticism
7. Pursue Reconciliation
8. Pursue Peace
9. Face False Teachers
10 Face Controversey


  • Donald Johnson

    Amazon has 5 reviews with 5 stars each.

    I liked his book on elders, except I found he did not bottom out the recursion on the definition of elder. That is, there were some examples of elders in the Bible that he missed.

  • donsands

    I wish I had this book 5 years ago when my home church, which I have since departed, were biting and chewing and some of those teeth were quite sharp indeed.

    have a wonderful Lord’s day. keep the good blogging coming in our Savior’s grace and joy.

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