Boise State…Wow!


If you missed Boise State’s victory over Virginia Tech, you missed the best game of opening weekend (and perhaps of the entire season). Everything was on the line for Boise State. They had to win this game to remain in the national championship conversation. On the road against a stadium filled with Virginia Tech fans, they somehow pulled out a victory in the final minutes of the fourth quarter. Games like this one are why I love college football. Unbelievable. ESPN has the replay here.

Now the debate begins. If Boise State stays undefeated for the rest of the season, do they deserve a shot at the BCS title? Some say yes, others say no. The naysayers complain that Boise State has no strength of schedule and that they wouldn’t be undefeated if they were playing in a more difficult conference. I say, however, that even though that may be the case, an undefeated Boise State team would be a team that no one has beaten in two years. How can you possibly keep them out with that record? I don’t think you can.


  • Erik

    You’re right on Denny; best game of the opening weekend…and in prime time no less.

    I completely agree with you; if Boise State does go undefeated, give them a crack at the national title game.

    Yea, I know, they play in the mediocre WAC. However, there are some BCS conferences that have their fair share of bottom feeders to beat up on.

    At least Boise State doesn’t duplicate what other powerhouse schools do and take on JV teams like New Mexico State in their opening, out of conference game. Yea, I’m pointing at you Oregon.

    P.S. I live in Oregon and was not impressed with their 72-0 bloodbath at home. At least Boise State had some guts to cross country and play a top 25 team.

  • Noah

    Being from Idaho and a huge Boise State fan, it would be difficult for me to see them miss out on a chance for the title if the go undefeated for the 2nd straight year, but they have much work to do. Since the college football landscape is diverse, style points matter as well as wins. If they keep winning though, the perfect storm will keep brewing: either Boise makes it in “untested,” or they’re left out and great emperor of equal opportunity in college football (the BCS) is show to have no clothes.

  • MRS

    You can easily keep them out of the game. They play two decent teams a year and ten cupcakes. An 11-1 SEC or Big 12 or PAC-10 team has almost always face a far tougher schedule. Put BSU in the Big 10 or SEC and they’re no better than Arkansas or Purdue.

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