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Albert Mohler Weighs-in on Limbaugh Apology

I appreciate Albert Mohler’s remarks today about the Limbaugh controversy. Mohler says that Limbaugh’s apology was inadequate and that there are some lessons here for Christians:

Words are a symbolic representation of character. Out of a man’s heart comes his words. And that’s where Mr. Limbaugh finds himself in trouble… Christians have to be very careful—to be reminded at all times that we are judged not only by our arguments but by the very words and phrases…that we deploy in making these arguments.

As a formidable public figure, Mr. Limbaugh can fend for himself. I for one would wish that he had not even in his apology suggested that in using these words he had lowered himself to someone else’s customary level, but rather that he had just taken personal responsibility for using words that should never have been used in civil discourse. The Bible is clear in affirming just how much damage words can do. Words can bless, or words can hurt. And as this controversy also underlines, long after the context is gone the words remain.

Listen to the rest of it below. It begins at 4:14.



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