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Alan Chambers Apologizing on Oprah’s Network

Alan Chambers appeared on Oprah Winfrey’s OWN network to apologize for the past work of Exodus International. He also listened to stories from “ex-gay survivors”—those who say that have been hurt by Exodus International’s ministry. You can watch the first segment of the program above. The rest of the clips are available below.

The response to Chambers’s apology is remarkable, even sad (see first clip below). None of the “ex-gay survivors” are willing to receive Chambers’s contrition. They accused him of being insincere, a liar, and a cult leader. The bitterness was thick in the room. One of the respondents insisted that Exodus could not be fixed and that it must be shut down altogether—which is exactly what Chambers ended up doing.

There is much that is confusing about what Chambers says in his apology (see my previous post). But his respondents still pick up on the fact that Chambers regards homosexuality as sin. And no matter how humble and contrite he is, they will not abide that view. So the atmosphere is toxic, and Chambers takes his lumps for holding to the heterosexual norm of marriage and sexuality.

I don’t know how any Christian can watch this without grieving for everyone involved. I’m going to be praying for Chambers and for the other personalities in these videos. I hope you will too.

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  • Chris Ryan

    To pray for everyone involved is wonderful reminder, Denny… We say to love the sinner & hate the sin, but sometimes we don’t always do a good job of doing that. It takes a lot of prayer and seeking to do it well.

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