Abortion and China’s Brutal One-Child Policy

The brutality of China’s one-child policy is infamous. Supposedly forced abortions no longer exist there, but this heart-rending report says otherwise. Read this. Weep. And pray, “Come, Lord Jesus.”

‘A Chinese woman who was forced to have an abortion despite being nine months pregnant is suing the authorities for their actions.

‘Jin Yani’s waters had already broken when China’s abortion police came for her. They took her to a nearby abortion centre, injected her unborn baby girl and removed the body two days later.

‘Mrs Jin’s crime was to have become pregnant by her fiance five months before she married him at the age of 20, the legal minimum. . .

‘Mrs Jin said: “I got on my knees and begged them after they took me to the clinic and said I wanted to give birth to my daughter. I had already named her Yang Yin.”

‘In the clinic, she was injected with a large syringe. Her husband arrived in time to witness the removal of the dead foetus with forceps two days later.

‘Mrs Jin lost blood, and was hospitalised for 44 days. Her husband was charged for the medicine she needed. He said that his wife is now infertile as a result of the abortion.’


“China woman in legal first over abortion case” by Richard Spencer (Telegraph)

“Chinese victims of forced late-term abortions fight back” (Associated Press)

(HT: Tim Challies)


  • rach

    heartbreaking story. thank you for sharing the hard to hear news that we might be encouraged to pray more and faithfully support the right to life. God help us.

  • Ranger

    As someone working in China, let me assure you all that it’s nothing like this anymore. The horror stories that we hear about in the American church about “one-child” haven’t been the case for at least 7 or 8 years, and I’m so thankful that it’s no longer that way. I was surprised whenever I moved here and started talking to Chinese believers about the stories I had heard in the American church. They were shocked and said those types of stories were probably nothing more than myth.

    There are still restrictions on having children, but there are no forced abortions and having extra children simply means paying a fine (about $125 for the first extra child). This is excessive for farmers and villagers, but the government allows them to have more children anyways due to the labor necessities in the villages.

    So yes, this story is extremely sad, but if completely true it comes from a period that has passed, and I praise God for that.

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