A Conversation with Mark Dever

I had a free-wheeling conversation with Mark Dever last week during our weekly Boyce College dorm meeting (listen or download below). Dever serves as chairman of our board of trustees, and it was an honor to have him address our students. Boyce College’s dorm meeting meets pretty late (9:30pm on Monday nights), and it is an informal affair. So you’ll notice that the mood is quite light in this conversation.

A Conversation with Mark Dever

I think Dever was in rare form. We had a spirited exchange about multi-site churches. He also talked about his statement from a sermon last summer to the effect that it’s sinful for churches to commit to a millennial position in their doctrinal statements. After that, he fielded questions from students.

This was a great time, and I want to thank Dr. Dever for taking time to be with us.


  • Michael Dixon

    This, was an enlightening and encouraging conversation on so many levels. More Q&A with biblical scholars or even yourself Dr. Burk would be awesome!

  • Barton

    I would like to know his stance on churches who have multiple campuses with elder leadership at each campus? A church with a “campus pastor”, but a church that uses a DVD or satellite sermon from a “main campus”, is a great model (I believe) of the Acts church.

    Denny, your thoughts?

  • Nathan


    Dever’s reply to almost that specific question posed to him by Denny was that he did not believe the early church modeled multi-campus. At best, since it was the inception of the church it may have had a few oddities that were never again repeated.

    I appreciated Dever’s candid opinion on this (basically multi-campus churches are Episcopal or Presbyterian), not historically Baptist.

  • Matt

    As a pastor and Southern student, it was refreshing to here the Chairman of the Trustees (whose job, in Dever’s words, is to keep a seat warm and pray for Al) not tow what has become the company line on multi-site churches. I’m thankful Greg Gilbert will be at the upcoming panel discussion. Of course, he’ll be the only one out of four “against” multi-site. Dever’s thoughts were refreshing and reflect my own on the matter.

    Dr. Burk, thanks for bringing him in for that during Heritage Week and thanks for posting it!

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