A Consequential Monday for College Football

I typically save the college football blogging for the weekends, but what a day today has been. In a single day, three major transitions happened—the kind that usually occur in the off-season, not mid-season! Has there ever been a more consequential Monday for college football?

1. Will Grier out at Florida

Just as Florida has vaulted itself back into the national conversation, the NCAA has suspended the Gators’s starting quarterback, Will Grier, for an entire year. That means he will miss not only the rest of this season but also the first six games of next season. Why? He failed a drug test. Apparently an over-the-counter banned substance was detected in his system. The press conference earlier today was painful to watch. See above. Is it just me, or does this punishment seem excessive? (Source: ESPN)

2. Steve Spurrier out at USC

The Old Ball Coach, Steve Spurrier, has announced his retirement. Some sources are saying that it will be effective immediately with an interim coach to be named tomorrow.

UPDATE, 10/13/15: Steve Spurrier held a press conference explaining his decision to leave (see below). He clarifies that he is not retiring but resigning.

By the way, you might enjoy ESPN’s piece featuring “Steve Spurrier’s Best Quotes.” See below.

3. Steve Sarkisian out at the other USC

The head coach at USC, Steve Sarkisian, has been terminated. In the words of the USC athletic director, “After careful consideration of what is in the best interest of the university and our student-athletes, I have made the decision to terminate Steve Sarkisian, effective immediately.”

One Comment

  • The Seeking Disciple

    Big Gamecocks fan here. Will miss the HBC. This year (and last) have been tough. Spurrier was not himself this year. I hope he is okay physically. His father was a Presbyterian pastor and I don’t know where Steve stands with the Lord Jesus but I pray he repents before eternity comes. He was, however, a great football coach!

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