41-14 / 41-14 : Another Perfect Palindrome


Is there any question which is the best conference in college football. This year, at least, it’s clear that the SEC is head and shoulders above the rest.

LSU beat Notre Dame 41-14, and now Florida has drubbed #1 Ohio State 41-14 in the national championship game. The SEC is the biggest and the baddest, and we all know it.

Ohio State is 0-8 against SEC schools in bowl games. Florida’s Reggie Nelson summed it up nicely after the championship game: “The SEC is too fast for the Big Ten.”

Now that Ohio State has lost, that leaves Boise State as the only undefeated team in the country. But don’t expect them to be voted #1 in the AP poll. Florida will be the undisputed national champion.

Chris Leak


  • Barry

    What is your with your love of the word “palindrome”?

    OSU is 0-8 against SEC teams. That’s the big stat! SEC speed and dominance.

  • rachel

    also…clearly denny just likes the sound of the word palindrome…i think technically it should be a word, phrase or sentence that reads backwards and forwards the same, but numbers may be ok too…you should call loin semmes…you guys can talk

  • rachel

    ok…as usual i spoke too soon…the definition does include numbers…my apology to you Dr Burk…i can’t believe i even thought Denny might get something like that wrong…especially after studying Bio I with you old man…again, so sorry…i mean that really was an excellent observation…send my love to your girls, Denny


  • Kyle Bar

    Speaking of numbers…

    100 years of Florida football.
    40 years since Steve Spurrier won the Heisman.
    10 years since our 1st football national title.

    It’s not 666 or anything (although OSU might say otherwise) but those are some great anniversaries to celebrate.

    GO GATORS!!!
    Class of 2000

  • barry

    Semmes is a palindrome, while palindrome is not. Chew on that for a while.

    Rach, I got your email. Sorry I haven’t responded yet. I will! Smack your hubby for me and tell him I miss him.


  • D. Taylor Benton

    I would like to spread the love to my SEC fans, although I am still an ACC man myself being a FSU fan. I think there is alot to say not only for the SEC which is the best conference in football, but also southern teams in general.

    Look at FSU for example..they have mediocre at best season and they MAN handled a team (Cal) that beat USC…

    I think Big Ten and the West Coast teams are waaaay overrated…my conspiracy is that the Big Ten and all the West Coast teams have the ears of the Media, being they are Liberal epicenters.

    I will have to give a shout out to the Big East though..going 4-0 this bowl season isn’t shabby!

  • Matt

    I believe Mr. Benton is referring to UCLA, who were properly whipped by Diddy and the Noles. Cal was busy spanking Dennis Francione’s Aggies. As an Alabama alum, I was happy on both accounts.

  • rafe

    How on earth does anybody rank Ohio State as #2! I know it’s customary for the loser in the NC game to be ranked there, but give me a break! That kind of drubbing should knock them out of the top 5.

    BTW, my kid’s names are Elle and Anna–ain’t nobody gonna turn their names around and poke fun. This decision was largely influenced by a friend by the name of Mark Tubb.

  • D. Taylor Benton

    I would like to reiderate what Matt pointed out. I DID mean UCLA…my bad..that looked reeealy smart! sorry. I promise I am a Noles Fan!

  • Rose

    I love palindromes, so I stand in defense of Denny’s fascination of them.

    I really think Louisville should be #2…how can a loser team like OSU get #2 by getting smacked by a Gator?

    …that ought to get the comments flowing…

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