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“3801 Lancaster”: Don’t turn away from this horror

3801 Lancaster is a documentary film about Dr. Kermit Gosnell—one of the most infamous abortionists in U. S. History. Dr. Gosnell made himself a millionaire by selling abortion services to poor minority women in west Philadelphia. He not only presided over the deaths of countless unborn babies. He also oversaw a filthy clinic in which women died and in which babies were born alive and murdered. Gosnell was arrested in January 2011, and he is now in prison awaiting trial.

This documentary is very difficult to watch. But I believe it is one of those things that you need to watch. We dare not turn our eyes away from the evil of abortion. We need to face head-on just how much the culture of death has debased us. One of the witnesses describes a nurse playing with a baby for several minutes before severing its spine. It’s hard to imagine that such things could happen among us, but they do.

Next Tuesday marks the 40th anniversary of Roe v. Wade. Since that decision came down on January 22, 1973, over 50 million unborn human beings have been killed legally in the United States. That is more than eight times the people who died in the Holocaust. Without question, abortion-on-demand is the greatest human rights crisis of our time. How can we possibly ignore this?

Take time to watch this documentary. Weep. Pray.


  • Adam Cavalier

    I saw this video a few days ago – and you are absolutely right. It is very difficult to watch. I made myself do it. I’ve seen/heard some pretty sick things in my life and this one in particular is right near the top. There are some twisted individuals that will literally sacrifice children at the altar of their own prosperity; it is sinful in every sense of the word.

  • Paul Reed

    But aren’t videos like this classic pro-abortion material? Their argument goes: Make abortion illegal, and more abortion clinics will be like this one.

    Look, the women who go these clinics to kill their babies got what they deserve. Let’s not forget who the real victim is here (the baby), and play into the pro-abortionist’s hands.

    • James Harold Thomas

      I beg to differ, Paul. The fact that such a clinic operated for years, with no action taken by the DOH after multiple reports is proof that the pro-abortion argument is bogus. They act like all abortions performed in the US are in comfortable, clean, sterile environments. This video proves otherwise.

      “Look, the women who go these clinics to kill their babies got what they deserve.”

      Did you watch the video? Did you see Davida’s tearful account of what happened to her and her child? If you haven’t, please watch it now and don’t comment any more till you do. While she was on the table she tried to stop the murder, but Dr. Gosnell refused. The result was not only a murdered child, but an injury to her that has taken away her ability to conceive.

  • Brent Hobbs

    Sad video. In addition, always keep in mind that abortion is not evil mainly because some clinics may have squalid conditions, or that more black and minority children, proportionally, are aborted – though both of these are tragic in and of themselves. Abortion is evil because it is murder. Clean or dirty clinic, white, black, hispanic, asian, any baby purposefully killed is a direct attack on the image of God and his sovereign authority to grant life when and to whom he wills. Come quickly, Lord Jesus.

    • Paul Reed

      @Brent Hobbs
      Thank you! Someone else on here is sane. Are we supposed to be less offended if the baby is killed under well-regulated clean facility?

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