“Turd Blossom” Will Not Be Indicted

Karl RoveThere are new developments in a story that I began covering on this blog last year (see two previous posts).The news that Karl Rove (a.k.a. “Turd Blossom,” a nickname given to him by President Bush) will not be indicted in connection with the CIA leak case is probably the biggest political news of 2006. It’s big news because it puts a damper on Democrat efforts to use the 2006 mid-term elections as an occasion to accuse the Republicans of being the party of corruption. That effort did not work in the recent special congressional election in California, and the success of such a strategy in November looks even more unlikely now that Karl Rove is has been cleared.

This is bad news for the Democrats who will now have to end the smear-campaign and will be forced to debate issues and policy–a tack that has also proven to be a losing strategy for them in recent years.

“Karl Rove won’t be prosecuted in CIA leak case” (Associated Press)
“Off the hook, and back on the campaign trail?” (Tom Curry, MSNBC)

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