‘Fatuous Suck-upping’ on Cable News

In two recent posts (here, here), I noted the unhidden bias of cable news coverage of the Democrat National Convention. I don’t think any of the major cable news networks were innocent in this regard, but MSNBC in particular was particularly overt last week.

Peggy Noonan went on MSNBC yesterday morning and light-heartedly chided MSNBC’s coverage. She called their coverage “fatuous suck-upping.” By the end of it, she had the two anchors (Joe Scarborough and Mika Brezinski) doubled over in laughter.


(HT: Mark Finkelstein)


  • Paul

    Denny, If these guys were crying during Obama’s speech on Thursday night, what are they going to do if Obama loses the election??

  • Jeff Bailey

    Peggy Noonan is hilarious. Andrea Mitchell is so deep in the pocket of the Obama campaign that she’s devoid of any sense of humor.

  • micah the pilot

    Denny, when are you going to post something deserving comment or dialogue? I hope this political season won’t distract you from LSU football.

  • Dana Olson

    Denny, Peggy Noonan skewering the MSNBC folks is hilarious. The coverage of Obama is a joke in itself; anyone from Illinois knows that he is a product of the most corrupt political machine in the nation. He has never said any word of rebuke about the corruption of the Daley administration; in fact, he himself is guilty of F.S.Upping to His Highness, the Mayor and Master of Corrupt and Illegal Hiring Practices.

    God’s grace to you in your shepherding of Boyce College.

  • Paul

    The real question is, will Denny post Peggy Noonan’s REAL thoughts on Palin’s abilities.

    At this point, it’s easily findable on YouTube, but because of Peggy’s use of blue language, I will not post the link.

  • Paul

    Dana Olsen,

    Now Obama has to apologize for knowing Daley?

    Find me 10 people who don’t WORK for the Republican party in the Chicago city limits that would agree with you. I know republicans that worship at the alter of Ayn Rand that won’t talk bad about Daley, and someone that mutters something about knowing Illinois is supposed to be a seasoned expert on Chicago?

    Under Daley, we’ve seen a renaissance in Chicago. Under his leadership, we’ve seen vast amounts of the city go from scary and frightening to absolutely wonderful (look at the rebuilding of the whole Wicker Park/Bucktown/Ukranian Village area for proof). For the first time since the 50’s, Bronzeville has become a place where people are proud to live. And in the light of the Wal-Mart and fois gras debacles, it is easy to see that Daley has been far more pragmatically pro-business than any democrat AND a large chunk of republicans that I’ve ever seen.

    Yeah, you can complain about tax rates under Daley, but how many of those tax hikes were instituted by the Cook County board and fought tooth and nail by the mayor’s office?

    When are you folks going to get a grip?

    And seriously, talking about corrupt politics while praising Palin and her $27 Million worth of earmarks for a town of 6K?

    Please. Your hypocrisy shines through like light through a window pane.

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