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WSJ on Adoption

The Wall Street Journal has a story on evangelicals and adoption that features Russell Moore. The article traces the growing emphasis on orphan care among evangelical Christians.

‘Adoption was the cover story of Christianity Today in July. It included a feature by Russell Moore, dean of the School of Theology at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, in which he described in heart-wrenching terms the circumstances of his own adoption of two brothers from a Russian orphanage.

‘Mr. Moore, the author of a book called “Adopted for Life: The Priority of Adoption for Christian Families and Churches,” has become a sort of go-to person for evangelicals on the issue of adoption. In trying to explain why Christians have a particular duty to adopt, he told me that “every one of us who follows Christ was adopted into an already existing family.”

‘Which is to say that unlike Judaism or Islam, faiths that one is born into, Christianity requires each member to have an individual relationship with Christ. And so, in that sense, it is as if each Christian is adopted.’

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  • Derek

    Always interesting to see how the world views these things. The article’s author seems shocked that the people that oppose gay marriage and abortion would be adopting children. It’s as if opposing the former 2 things must mean you’re a horrible human who must also hate orphans.

  • Derek

    Upon further reflection, perhaps the point they’re trying to make is that gay marriage and abortion are ways to solve the orphan problem (letting gay couples adopt or killing orphans before they’re born). And so it doesn’t make sense to them that people who are trying to care for orphans would be opposed to these two means.

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