Worlds Collide! LSU vs. Tech

I am a loyal of fan of Louisiana Tech because it is my alma mater. I am an avid fan of LSU because I was born and raised in Louisiana (FYI: The LSU fan-base is statewide, just like it is for the Saints) and because I married into an LSU family. So tonight my worlds were colliding.

A Tech victory tonight would have meant statewide bragging rights for the Bulldogs. A loss would only have been what everyone expected anyway. An LSU victory tonight means a number one ranking and the status of the leading contender for the national championship. An LSU loss would have meant no national championship for the bayou state.

So how do I feel now that it’s all said and done. I’m sad that Tech lost. I’m glad that LSU won. If that sounds like a contradiction to you, then welcome to my world . . . world’s colliding!


  • micah

    Denny, I understand your dilemma. My love will forever be another Louisiana underdog but fortunately for me they will never have another moment in the sun so I won’t have to face the dilemma of hope. Still, the Louisiana news of the weekend is former the Saints Defensive Coordinator who orchestrated his team’s first defeat of this conference rival since 2001 and first defeat of a #1 ranked team since 1956. And all this on the road. Zook alors! Is someone building a serious contender in Champaign?

  • Denny Burk


    Yeah I watch Ohio State get Zucked too. Unbelievable. The irony is that it was the Zuck recruited team at Florida that denied Ohio State the national championship last year. Now it’s Zuck’s new team that denied Ohio State the championship this year.


  • Don

    Denny, Told you ohio state would lose only I hoped it would be Michigan.. Maybe this week they will, but at least they are out of the way.. LSU vs OK or Kansas or Oregon in the final.As a big ten fan you posts are right on to give Zook a salute. They beat a tough Wisconsin team, Penn State and osu. They hung tough with Michigan blowing a nice lead early. They should only get better. They lost to MU, Missouri{ranked 6th} and a so-so Iowa team.. But that loss is a big ten rival game..

  • micah

    Denny, did you hear Cowherd’s interesting (and valid) questions yesterday about whether LSU has any chance of winning whatever bowl game they play this January? Cowherd argues that since Miles is rumored to move to alma mater Michigan and Pellini is rumored to move to alma mater Nebraska, the Tigers have no chance to win. History shows that almost exclusively do teams with coaches leaving for new jobs play flat and lose bowl games. In the small scale consider 2004 when Saban (LSU def by Iowa) and Miles (OSU def by OSU). In the large scale consider that of the last 10 teams with coaches moving to new jobs, only 1 has won their bowl game. That was Utah against an overmatched Pitt, and more importantly that was Urban Meyer against Walt Harris who was leaving as well.

    History doesn’t predict a favorable result for the bayou bengals.

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