Why did Dirk leave the court early?

Viewers watching the NBA Finals last night may have noticed that Dirk Nowitzki left the court in the final seconds before the game was over. He therefore missed the customary post-game celebration and shaking hands with the opposing team. Some reports have speculated that it was a “lack of class” on Dirk’s part that he left.

I don’t think that’s what it was at all. If you were watching closely (see above), you saw that Dirk covered his face with his Jersey apparently wiping away tears. The broadcasters noted Dirk’s emotion in the moment. Indeed, in a post-game interview with Hannah Storm, Dirk explained why he left the court early:

“I had to get a moment. I was crying a bit. I was a little emotional. … I didn’t actually want to come out for the trophy, but the guys had to talk me into it… I was a little too emotional, I didn’t want to come out like that”

So I don’t think he left the court for nefarious reasons. I think the bottom line is that Dirk is just like every other male of the species. He doesn’t want people to see him cry.

Here’s the post-game interview with Hannah Storm. The question about leaving the court is at about 4:50.


  • Insurance

    It did look like Dirk was not ready emotionally to celebrate. After the heat (no pun intended) he took over the past 6 years, this was a major insurance policy to help Dirk be seen as a great Player not just a good player.

  • donsands

    “Jesus Wept.”

    And yet I too am embarrassed to have others see me cry. My old Pentecostal days, crying was a thing of power, and every guy was crying. But even then I was less open to show my affections. Although I will share that I weep at times. Tears of joy are the best, but also tears of shame at times.

  • Paula

    Every other male except Speaker John Boehner.

    As a newly minted “Mavaliers” fan, I’ll give him a pass. He’s a hero in N.E. Ohio today.

    LeBron, OTOH blamed God on his Twitter last night: ” “The Greater Man upstairs know [sic] when it’s my time. Right now isn’t the time.”

  • Brick053

    It’s amazing how we give breaks and excuses for the ones we like. If the Heat had won and Lebron would have done that, the story would be much different and nothing he said would have been good enough for the people. He would be called immature, no class and disrespectful to the Mavs. I guess that’s just the way things go.

  • Luke Geraty

    That is because if Lebron HAD done it, he would have been doing it because he is immature, has no class, and is disrespectful. 😉

  • Paula

    I will totally own that, Brick.

    : )

    I will say, during his time in Cleveland, LeBron mostly conducted himself in a sportsmanlike manner on the court, which is why many had such a visceral reaction to the way he left.

    That said, despite his reputation of being a great role model and a family man, the fact that he’s never married his high school sweetheart, with whom he’s fathered two children, has sent a very wrong message to the community that he’s bragged about helping for so many years. No matter how much money he pours into Akron’s community centers, the breakdown of marriage will continue to plunge families into poverty.

  • Brick053

    We all should expect just as much Dirk and the rest of the players just as much is expected from Lebron but we like to make excuses for the ones we like. It’s disrespectful for any player to walk off the court like that period and don’t care who it is!!!

  • Brick053

    I agree with that, Paula..

    That also is something else to be discussed. What about Jason Kidd beating his wife, which he has done in the past. This is my personal feelings about it all….I don’t blame Lebron or Kidd for societies issues, people make their own choices, I feel we need to stop putting the people in such high regards, they are human like us.

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