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Violence at Notre Dame

ndJames Kushiner of Touchstone magazine talks about the violence that we can expect to see during the protests of President Obama’s commencement speech at the University of Notre Dame on Sunday. He writes,

‘When it comes to whatever number of people protesting at Notre Dame, the right image is not that of Vietnam War protesters or those people that show up at the various global economy “summits”, and certainly not the PETA people. It’s not there won’t be violence–there will be violence, but it won’t be on the part of protesters, though they will be accused of angry hatred. The violence will be seen in the pictures some of them will be carrying, and the aborted fetuses depict a violence approved of, sanctioned by, and fully supported by the President who is speaking to the students on Sunday. . .

‘The fetal photos won’t be censored, and they are displayed in the hope of inciting others, not to violence (God forbid!) but to end the violence and spare the lives of thousands upon thousands upon thousands.

‘Now we know Notre Dame can read, but can Notre Dame understand pictures? The protesters aim to peacefully point out the violence in pictures. Notre Dame needs to learn something else: honoring the man who was publicly the most pro-abortion legislator in Washington and remains unrepentant is complicity with deep evil.’

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