Video of the Alabama Storm

As of this writing, The New York Times is reporting that at least 173 people have died in the Alabama storm. This loss of life is horrific, and we may find out that there are more.

The video above is from someone in Tuscaloosa who let himself get too close to the storm (HT: Timmy Brister). He survived, and his camera tells the story. At about 3 minutes into the video, you will see how close a call it was.

Pray for the people of Tuscaloosa, Birmingham, and beyond. This storm has wreaked havoc on these communities.


  • Barton


    Thanks for posting. We had several go past us today. My dads best friend lost his life driving past one of the earlier MS tornadoes this afternoon. Tough day here in the south. Maranatha.

  • Kelley Kimble

    This storm season has been awful. We don’t get these where I live, but I lived in Indiana until I was 10 and I recall the fear when that siren would sound.

  • Bobbie Bailey

    I must question this man’s sanity, good judgement, common sense…
    What he did was simply crazy! He must value his life very little.

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