USC Stunned . . . Woohoo!

Readers of this blog already know that I am no fan of USC. So with the Trojans’s loss to Oregon State, this is shaping up to be a great weekend of college football. What a spectacle it is when the over-inflated media-darlings take their lumps. So much for being ranked number one. Did I hear someone say Schadenfreude?

When LSU beats Mississippi State on Saturday night, it will have been the perfect weekend for college football. Stay tuned.


  • Nathan


    Or LSU could take their lumps and the Big 12 will continue to ascend to the top.

    But hey, I’m a Mizzou fan and have waited a long time to have something to cheer about.

    Regardless, USC is and has been overrated for sometime along with the PAC 10.

    However, watch the pundits (i.e. USC lovers) attempt to spin the situation tomorrow to show how USC can still end up in the title game. Or they will cry for a playoff and then have their own mock-playoff with USC winning it all.

    The SEC or the Big 12 should win it all this year because they are the two toughest conferences and a team has to bring it all year, and then do it again in the Conference Championship, just to get an opportunity to play for the National Championship.

    Great to the see the Left Coast – Left Out!

  • John Inman

    Anytime Ohio State can lose and then the team who beat them can lose the next week, it is a good football season.

    Hopefully those 2 losses will prevent a USC-OhioState BCS championship game. But the media will say well since the USC loss Ohio St. has been the most dominant team in football. And then everyone else in the world will say, yeah because the big 10 is weak.

  • Brandon

    Well, you’re 1/2 right, Denny. This weekend will be a great college football weekend with the Trojans losing, then LSU falling to MS State.

  • Ken

    Ahem. I have no love lost on USC, but I point out that a certain school that shall be nameless ended up in the BSC “national championship” game with less than a perfect record last year…

    It’s still WAY too early in the season to be calling anybody’s goose cooked. Well, except for Meechigan.

  • Faimon

    Schadenfreude indeed. Coupla things:
    Ken – yes, but LSU had several games against top 10 opponents. The Pac-10 has no other teams ranked in the top 25 at the moment.

    Brandon – LSU will not fall to Mississippi State. Pull for them to lose to Florida or Georgia, you have a much better shot.

    Anyway, one wonders if people will start to question Pete Carroll…sounds crazy, I know, but three years in a row he has lost to Pac-10 bottom feeders.

  • Darius

    Faimon, they won’t question Carroll anymore than they should question any great coaches who go through funks. Stoops has the same problem in BCS games. Both of those coaches appeared to be invincible a few years ago, but it only proves that anything can happen in college football.

  • Ken

    Darius (5), you may be right. But it’s September. Poll voters tend to forget a lot of things by the time December rolls around. And nobody can tell me those voters are completely objective.

    Teams that start high in the polls can hit an early snag, and then gradually climb back into contention if they impress as strong in subsequent games. Good teams that start out as unranked have a much harder time of it despite their records.

  • Barry

    Great points. LSU should well beat Miss St. I hope they take the opportunity to run up the score a bit, so no one can say it was a close game. I want USC’s defeat to be as embarrassing and to count as much as possible.

    LSU has to get past Ga and Fl. Those will be nail-biters.


  • Jason


    Another option could be that Mizzou continues to lose to Zero-U and then the Sooners (and the Big XII) get embarrassed in another bowl game against an opponent they feel they shouldn’t even have to play.

    But, I guess we’ll see…

  • Darius

    It’s exactly because they don’t show up for those mismatches that OU loses those games. Last year, they were in a bad situation playing a team that the whole country was rooting for while the Sooners were considered the bully for even showing up.

    Don’t look now, but Florida is losing late to Ole Miss.

  • Mason Beecroft

    The Pac 10 overrated? What in the world are you talking about? The Pac 10 is constantly criticized and demeaned in the media. The SEC and Big 12 are the current darlings for good reason. The state of college football, however, is better now than ever. Who would have imagined such parity.

    As an Oregon State Beaver, I can only say… OOOOOO SSSSSS UUUUUUU! Fight! Fight! Fight!

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