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Trevin Wax on Inerrancy Baggage

Trevin Wax has an insightful post on those who avoid the term “inerrancy” because of its “baggage.” He writes:

“No label comes without baggage. The question is not whether we will claim labels for ourselves, but whether we will be courageous enough to stake out our positions clearly.

“If I uphold the idea of inerrancy but want nothing to do with the term, I’m unintentionally loading myself up with a different kind of baggage. Sure, people may equate an affirmation of inerrancy with a literalist interpretation of Scripture. But disavowing the term inerrancy also has baggage. I group myself with people who may not believe in the historicity of miracles, the Old Testament records, or the authority of Paul.

“We’re not choosing between using terms that have baggage or not. We’re choosing what kind of baggage we want to carry.”

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