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To My Students: A Word of Exhortation

My writing today is dedicated especially to my students at the Criswell College. I am happy to hear that so many have been stopping by to read what I have posted, so I have all of you in mind as I write today. There is a short essay by B. B. Warfield that I read when I first began my trek in theological education many years ago. What Warfield wrote in this essay radically changed the way that I had been thinking about the task that I had before me. He argues with passion and vigor that there should be no bifurcation between the “head” and the “heart” when one applies himself to serious study of the scriptures. Warfield’s words were momentous in my life, and I think they will be in yours too. Princeton Theological Seminary has posted Warfield’s article on their website, and I am encouraging you to click on the link below, print out the article, and read it carefully. Blessings on all of you with much love, Dr. Burk.

The Religious Life of Theological Students – by B. B. Warfield

(About B. B. Warfield)


  • nathaniel adam king

    I think that I can speak for all your students here. We greatly appreciate your concern and your taking time to write an article about us–we really do. And most of us would comment on the thoughts of the great Warfield, but the article you linked to is long, and all of us here suffer from severe A.D.D.

    Sum up the article in about two sentences and we will all be happier…(only kidding :))

    I began to read it but I ran out of time, it was late; tonight after work I plan on reading the entire thing.

  • Jacki

    im waiting for the day that i can attain the mere knowledge to just understand the vocabular that you use…I mean what is “bifurcation”….that wasn’t even on my SAT test…i remember….but seriously i do appreciate your heart for us and your willingness to help me be a better communicator of Philippians…..thank you for all you do….I’ll write a blog about you one day with a bunch of big words in it to respond…but i can’t guarantee that its going to make sense

  • sophigirl

    Let’s recap the aim of this entry -it was written in order to promote the life of the mind and the life of the heart in Criswell students. However, the entry yeilded the total of 3 comments in which students complain about the length of the article and the unknown vocabulary. This is both sad and telling. Correct me if I am wrong -I would be happy to be found in error in this particular case.

  • Denny Burk

    Okay, sophigirl. Are you a Criswell student?

    The responses probably say more about the small number of people who read my blog than they do about the “life of the mind” at Criswell. Don’t sell us too short.

    Dr. B.

  • sophigirl

    Dr. Burk, I am a Criswell student. Maybe that’s why I was sadden by the responses. I guess I have my expectations for the blogworld set too high. But then I do realize that some of these students are just “fooling around” in their comments. I know them in person, so I know that they are not completely without sense. 🙂

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