Time To Get Your Game Face On!

LSU faces Alabama in New Orleans tonight for all the marbles, and it is time to put your game face on. My favorite hype video from this season is above. It was produced about mid-season, so some of the best highlights aren’t in it. But it is still the best one, and you need to put on your headphones or some good speakers to watch this video. There are a couple more videos below: (1) one of Coach Miles’ pre-game speeches and (2) LSU’s official hype video for the National Championship game.

I have done a lot of complaining on this blog about the LSU vs. Alabama rematch, and I still stand by my previous arguments. Having said that, there has not even been a hint of complaint from Coach Miles or from the team about the rematch. This year’s team has a swagger that I have never witnessed before in a Tiger football team. They really seem to relish the opportunity to play in this game against the Tide. I am astonished at their confidence. It doesn’t matter that they’re playing Alabama. These guys really believe they are going to win this game, and I think they are right! Geaux, Tigers!


    • Denny Burk

      Yes, because then you’d at least have a seeding advantage to the team that won in the regular season. Also, with a playoff, everybody understands that you don’t have to be perfect to get in to the big dance.

  • jigawatt

    But wouldn’t the “team A has to beat team B twice while team B only has to beat team A once” argument still be valid?

  • Poke The Fire

    For argument’s sake, if Bama had won the first meeting… I think we’d still have the same matchup in New Orelans tonight as they both won out. Alabama was out coached last time. They made mistakes… LSU played extremely well and did what they had to do to win. They deserved then… and now… to be #1. This rematch was ordained from all eternity past (Wink!).

    My prediction (Going out on a limb here!): Bama by 10. If I’m wrong… the sun will come up on Tuesday and LSU will be #1 AND absolutley deserve it. Even if LSU loses, they STILL might end up #1 in one or more polls… and the sun will come up on Tuesday.

    Regardless of tonight’s outcome, on 9/1/2012 Bama will play Michigan (God willing) and LSU will play North Texas on the same day (If God so allows). And the debate will probably still be going on…

    • Denny Burk

      Rick, you are correct, and not many people have paid attention to that fact. In the first meeting with Alabama, we were still playing our back-up quarterback. Jordan Jefferson is a much better quarterback now than when he saved the Alabama game.

  • donsands

    Looking forward to this game. SEC rules. And, I have to say, I’m a ‘Crimson Tide’ kind of guy; have some roots there. Go Bama!

    And I like LSU. Bert Jones, the NFL QB for the Baltimore Colts was a Tiger. Loved the guy, way back when.

    Have a good evening Denny. I sort of agree with you bro. If the Tide does win, they should be co-Champs.

  • Big Ten Fan

    I don’t get this talk of co-Camps. If Denver somehow pulls out a miracle, should Green Bay be co-Camps? Even though they cut out the rest of the playoffs in college, isn’t this game the one that determines who gets crowned? It doesn’t make sense for everyone to complain that college football needs a playoff system, but then dismiss the one component of this BCS system that most closely resembles a winner-takes-all championship game.

  • Poke The Fire

    I was pretty sure of a 10 point Bama win (See above), but I didn’t see 21-0. Doesn’t lessen the great year LSU had…

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