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Tim Keller on “Morning Joe”

“Morning Joe” is my favorite talking-head program, and Tim Keller is one of my favorite pastors. So I was glad to see that Keller made an appearance on the program Friday morning. Keller discussed idolatry and the sermon that he is preparing for Sunday morning.

One interesting tidbit: Scarborough is a Southern Baptist by tradition (as I am), but he reveals in the clip above that he attends Keller’s Presbyterian church from time to time. I am grateful for Keller’s faithful ministry in NYC. God is using him in a difficult field.

[Keller appeared at least one other time on “Morning Joe.” It was two years ago, and you can watch it here.]


  • Craig

    Thanks for posting this. So encouraged by Dr. Keller and his ministry.
    I loved when the lady asked, “Well, what are some of these ‘absolute truths’?”
    “It is a man dying on a cross for his enemies….my absolute truth doesn’t make me an absolutist, it makes me gracious.”

  • George

    Thanks for posting this! Another great Keller quote from this snippet:

    “You only demonize if you idolize. If you make an idol out of markets, you demonize labor and government.
    If you are a Marxist, you make an idol of the State, you demonize markets. You never demonize unless you are idolizing something. By putting God in His Place as God, you get rid of idolization and demonization.”

  • Derek

    Joe Scarborough needs to attend Keller’s church more often. Or maybe read his Bible more. Today he ripped on the Catholic church for a statement from the Vatican that Governor Andrew Cuomo should stop taking communion at least until he marries his live-in girlfriend Sandra Lee.

    Joe said that he should continue to receive communion, using Christ’s statement that “I have come for the sick, not the healthy” as justification for giving communion to anyone who wants to receive it.

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