Thousands of Ancient Greek Texts for Free in Logos

Logos has just added a valuable resource to its already expansive library: the Perseus Classical Collection. This resource is a collection of over 1,000 classical Greek and Roman authors, and it is all free of charge. The Greek and Latin texts are all in their original languages, and some of them come with English translations. Greek and Latin Grammars are also included in the package.

To get a sense of why these texts are valuable for biblical research, I recommend taking a look at the video above. Because these texts are all Logos books, they are fully searchable and integrated with the normal functions of the Logos software. It is a fine way to look up biblical words in wider Greek literature for word studies.

The drawback of Perseus is that it is a work in progress. Its collection of resources is about one-tenth of the more comprehensive TLG database. If you need to find all the given uses of a term in extra-biblical Greek literature, you will still have to use TLG until the good folks working on the Perseus project get all of the ancient texts added to the database.

That being said, it is still an invaluable resource, and it is free (whereas TLG is not)! You have a small window of time to pre-order the collection before it is taken offline on September 30. Be sure to visit the Logos website now and place your order.


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