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Thom Rainer on the Penn State Scandal

Thom Rainer has a really helpful article about the Penn State scandal. He speaks what should be common sense:

It is inconceivable to me that someone could witness sexual abuse and then simply report it and leave it to their supervisors. The right response is to intervene by force at the moment, and with the police immediately thereafter.

The rest of this article has some practical advice for churches to help them protect children against predators:

1. Conduct a background check on every current and future worker.

2. Implement a 6 months/2 people rule.

3. Conduct regular mandatory staff and volunteer training.

4. Require all volunteers to submit an application to serve.

5. Pray for your workers. Pray for your children.

Read the rest here.


  • Ryan K.

    Amen. If I had a close friend and co-worker who it was reported to me had engaged in molesting a child, I would do more than just notify the next person up the ladder of command.

    For goodness sake how could 9 years go by where Joe would not ask his friend, “hey remember that time I was told you molested a boy, whatever happened with all of that.”

    This is sickening.

  • Chris Taylor

    When I heard that it was ‘reported to authorities’, my first thought was, this must have been witnessed by another young student, junior high or younger. Otherwise, this story should have been uncovered decades ago after the coach was forced to explain to the media why he was taken to the emergency room. Turn the other cheek when someone attacks you, but protect the weak and oppressed at all costs.

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