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New movie about has now been made into a movie. Here’s the premise. A young woman pretends to be a Christian so that she can meet a nice guy through the Christian Mingle dating service. Along the way, she learns that maybe she needs to take Christianity seriously. I confess that sounds less like a premise and more like a summary of the entire movie. Blame the trailer. Watch it above.


  • David Smithey

    Interesting. My wife and I met through Christian Mingle (except, we are both Christians).
    This could be an interesting movie.

  • Paula Keller

    I agree with the cheesy aftertaste comment BUT I shared the link with my Thursday morning Bible study group. We have two with cancer diagnoses, several who have lost siblings, so why not go to a Christian feel good movie and have some laughs. If we support the Christian film industry, perhaps even better movies will be made.

  • barryjoslin

    OK, I want to see this movie. Corbin Bernsen wrote and directed? Love him. The main actress started at “Party of Five” and was also in “Mean Girls” (weird info to remember, granted). Looks really interesting.

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