The Tigers Beat the Tigers

The LSU Tigers put a whoopin’ on the Auburn Tigers tonight, and it was a great game. After seeing Florida put a shellacking on Tennessee and hearing Alabama lower the hammer on Arkansas, it was good to see a hard-fought game. I think that Tigers v. Tigers may have been the best game all day.

The SEC has four other teams ranked in the Top 10, and LSU will have to play all of them before the season is out. So this was a big win for LSU. One down and three to go.

One other thing. In terms of difficulty of schedule, compare LSU to USC. USC is the number one team in the nation and the darling of the media. Yet USC only plays 2 ranked schools all season, only one of which is a top 10 school. USC is really good, but let’s not pretend that their league or their schedule is anything like the SEC’s. When we set LSU’s 3-0 record next to USC’s 2-0 record, we are not comparing apples to apples.

Not that I’m biased or anything.


  • Kyle Barrett

    Now Denny…

    Having to score in the last minute to pull the game out is not a whoopin!! A win but not a whoopin’. Can’t wait to play ya’ll.


  • Ray Van Neste

    Preach it Denny!
    Along those lines, how does Georgia slide from #1 to #3 with wins and others pass them? Also, why did Auburn fall so after such a hard fought battle with a really good team, falling past Ohio State who really was whooped?

  • Don

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  • Matt Svoboda

    One could argue that Oklahoma has an equally tough schedule. They play Texas, Missouri, and Texas Tech who are all in the Top 10 as well.(starting Monday) Yes, USC plays a very weak schedule. But don’t pretend that the SEC is the only tough conference. The Big 12 is just as tough this year. They have 6 of the 10 best quarterbacks in the league.

  • Darius

    Matt is right on, the Big 12 is a tough conference, especially in comparison to the cupcake Pac-10 or the downright pathetic Big 10. The SEC is the true media darling, they get the East Coast bias every single year. Outside of LSU, maybe Florida, and possibly Alabama, the rest are quite overrated.

  • John

    Overrated? Are you kidding me? Just because some of them don’t have good records every year doesn’t mean they’re overrated. The only reasons they have bad records is because it’s such a competitive conference and they beat up on each other!

    LSU, Florida, Alabama, Auburn, and don’t forget Georgia! On top of that, teams that will give all of the above a run for their money are South Carolina, Tennessee, and even Vanderbilt this year (they’re 4-0). I know Tennessee has looked pathetic thus far, but they are beating themselves. They have good talent and will get one or two big wins against very good teams.

    To even mention other conferences in the same sentence as the SEC is downright crazy!!

  • Scott

    You can’t fault USC (the real one) for playing in a lousy conference. Put them up against anyone in the SEC, and I think they win 7 out of 10. Of course I’m an ACC guy and I’ll argue that no conference can match up to ours in basketball πŸ™‚

  • Darius

    John, just because they’re competitive doesn’t meant they’re good. The media makes the rankings, so saying that 5 of the top 10 are SEC teams means nothing. 2 or 3 of those are way overrated. Remember what happens in the bowl games… Wisconsin handily beat what was thought to be a good Arkansas team two years ago and then last year Missouri obliterated them.

  • D.J. Williams

    Scott said…
    “Of course IÒ€ℒm an ACC guy and IÒ€ℒll argue that no conference can match up to ours in basketball.”

    Well, there is that pesky Big East… πŸ™‚

  • Steve Hayes

    Let’s do this comparison: Take all the teams in the SEC and Big 12 and pit them against each other top to bottom (according to the rankings).

    Georgia vs. Oklahoma
    Florida vs. Missouri
    LSU vs. Texas
    Alabama vs. Texas Tech
    Auburn vs. Kansas
    Vanderbilt vs. Nebraska
    Kentucky vs. Oklahoma St.
    South Carolina vs. Colorado
    Mississippi vs. Kansas St.
    Tennessee vs. Iowa St.
    Mississippi St. vs. Texas A&M
    Arkansas vs. Baylor

    Man, it’s tough to argue based on this that the SEC is the tougher conference. I’m an SEC guy, and it’s tough to objectively say that the SEC is the best based on these match ups. Here’s how I’d pick these games:

    Oklahoma over Georgia
    Florida over Missouri
    LSU over Texas
    Alabama over Texas Tech
    Auburn over Kansas
    Nebraska over Vandy
    OSU over Kentucky
    Colorado over South Carolina
    K-St. over Ole Miss
    Tennessee over Iowa St.
    Texas A&M over Miss St.
    Arkansas over Baylor

    I have them at 6-6, and I’m biased toward the SEC. Many of those games could go either way. It’s a toss up to me. The only difference is the game day environments. I think the SEC has the toughest places to play. Every game is a rivalry, and playing at Georgia, Florida, LSU, Auburn, Tennessee and Alabama is a nightmare for any visiting team. Only Oklahoma, Texas, Nebraska and A&M could compare, and Nebraska and A&M ain’t what they used to be.

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