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The Nigerian Witness

I flew to Chicago Tuesday morning to attend The Gospel Coalition conference, and I took a cab from the airport to my hotel. As I was sitting in the backseat formulating my strategy for sharing the gospel with my Nigerian driver, the driver starts singing.

“What are you singing,” I asked.

He replied, “I’m singing to my God. I must always sing to my God!”

It turns out that this was his strategy for sharing the gospel with me! The rest of the trip was a delight. We talked about life, the gospel, and the nature of true Christianity. We prayed for each other, and then he gave one final exhortation at the end. You can see it below.


  • Alex Humphrey

    Denny, that is phenomenal! I love that he was worshiping God to evangelize in his taxi!!!! How fantastic!

    And how hilarious that while you were working on evangelizing to him (probably in response to his singing!) he was evangelizing to you!

    Isn’t it wonder when two siblings in Christ meet? I love when I get an opportunity to talk about Christ with a stranger who is a sibling of our God. There is always an instant connection.

    What an amazing Father we have!

  • Ryan Fullerton


    This brother is a great encouragement. And you are a great encouragement for you love, appreciation, and sensitivity to such a man and such a moment.

    What a blessing from our Father who is love.


  • yankeegospelgirl

    And just think, if you had both taken Rob Bell’s advice, you’d never have had that fellowship together. Because each of you would be thinking to himself, “I’d better not try to witness to this guy, because that would be loving him with an agenda.”


  • Christiane

    Denny, God can turn a simple taxi into a ‘chariot of fire’.
    This man is a blessing to those who journey with him.

    Thank you for sharing such a beautiful story.

  • Brian Renshaw

    I had a similar conversation with a taxi driver from India coming back from the conference to the hotel. Found out he was here in the states raising money to support for his church back in India. He had a heart for God and a heart for his congregation back home, said he worked 5 am – 10 pm monday-saturday. He could not stop praising God for the opportunity to support the church back home and share the Gospel to the Hindu population where he was from.

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