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The Spring 2009 issue of The Journal for Biblical Manhood & Womanhood has been released, and you can read the entire table of contents here. Some of the articles are available online from the CBMW website. Here’s an excerpt from my editorial:

“I sat in for a portion of the LGBT/Queer Hermeneutics Section at the annual SBL meeting this past November in Boston. What I heard there was both startling and sobering. The presentation that I attended featured a female theologian from a small seminary in Atlanta, Georgia. She delivered a paper on Paul’s first letter to the Thessalonians-a presentation which included a variety of vulgar double-entendres involving the text of scripture and which would hardly be useful to repeat here.

“…She complained that Paul’s letters reveal an attempt not to undermine empire but to substitute one empire for another (the Christian empire in place of the Roman empire). Thus Paul’s politics were as flawed as Rome’s. The apostle’s flawed political views were no doubt informed by his flawed views of gender and his embrace of patriarchy.

“One contemporary application that she drew from the scripture was this. The current American political system is also flawed because it is organized on the basis of a patriarchal definition of the family. The traditional definition of the family (with one man and one woman in covenanted union at the center) is a structure that oppressively limits who can have sex with whom. Thus this definition of the family has become an obstacle to liberty, and the American political system is flawed because it is organized around a notion of ‘family’ that restricts individual liberty. In effect, she was arguing that a just society would not recognize any definition of the family that limits who can have sex with whom.”

To see where I’m going with this anecdote, you’ll have to check out the rest of the article. While you’re at the journal website, don’t miss the articles by Wayne Grudem, Tom Schreiner, Pete Schemm, Steven Cowan, Chris Cowan and Andy Naselli. If you are not subscribed to JBMW, you should be. And you can sign-up for your subscription here.


  • Derek Taylor

    This LGBT “theologian” is drawing conclusions that a person will naturally draw if they embrace the “Red letter Christian” fad that has been promoted by people like Tony Campolo. This whole framework and thesis seems to have ushered in a whole series of attacks against Paul in particular, in what certainly appears to be an effort to de-legitimize and de-canonize anything in Scripture that has been written in Paul’s hand.

    I definitely don’t recommend standing too close to this LGBT theologian – when the lightning strikes – and it will – there’s gonna be a lot of smoke.

  • David Hamilton

    I just read and loved your editorial, bro! As I’ve been engaging in the abortion battle, I have been thinking that abortion is merely a fruit of a tree whose root is primarily unbiblical manhood. Every one of those girls has been failed by the men in her life. Thanks for fighting abortion by training young men to be pastors and by standing up for biblical manhood and womanhood!

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