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The most satisfying thing to the inventor of the jump-shot

Kenny Sailors is 91 years old. He is credited with inventing “the jump shot as an alternative to the two-handed, flat-footed set shot.” He won an NCAA championship, and he played in the NBA. He was married to his sweetheart for sixty years. And yet there is one thing that has been the most satisfying thing to him in all his life. Watch the video above to see what it is.

Thanks to Matt Smethurst for posting this video. It is really fantastic.


  • E Jervis

    I am embarrassed to say until reading this and then doing more investigation about Ken Sailors I had never heard of him. And I graduated from the UW. I am not a big team sports fan and never paid much attention to sports while I was at college so if his story was popular back in the 70’s I wouldn’t have known it. However I will add it was at the University I began to grow in my faith and it remains strong to this day. So in a way Ken Sailors and I have something in common. Stories like this coming out of the sports field are so powerful to me and it continues to surprise me. They make me cry and feel so good all at the same time.

    Thank you for posting another great testimony from champion who learned in life what really counts.

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