• Don Johnson

    This remind me greatly of what happened during the French Revolution. The Left kept eating the Right and radicalized more and more. Eventually what was the Center realized they were next on the literal chopping block and purged the Radicals. I do not want this to happen in the USA in any form.

  • Nathan Cesal

    In an earlier post Denny says: The law does not in fact legalize discrimination against anyone. Nevertheless, it has been misrepresented as if it does.

    From 2:16 thru 3:20, it sounds like Anderson is representing this law as legalizing the denial of services to same-sex couples.

    I am against the idea Anderson presented there because “[a business owner’s] decision to refuse to do business with someone — especially for reasons such as race or sexual orientation — can fundamentally demean that individual and deny them their own right to participate equally in society.”

  • dr. james willingham

    Tonight on the NRB channel of Direct TV the program of the Charles Colson organization had a segment calling on believers to stand up for their beliefs (in other word get out there and get involved). As to our future in American, I pray we have not started too late. After all, there are laws on the book permitting the President to establish martial law and the crisis of confrontations with law enforcement agencies (brought on by supposed and, in some instances real examples of police brutality) aided and abetted by agents in the back ground agitating confrontations to bring about large scale conflicts which would justify martial law. It never seems to occur to most folks that infiltration might have been going on for along time I society, government, etc., although enough works have been written about the matter that readers could be well informed..

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