The Mailman Is Back

The Mailman Karl Malone is back. Not back to the NBA, but back to his alma mater and mine, Louisiana Tech University. Not only is he back as an assistant coach for the basketball team he once took to the Sweet 16, but he’s also promising to clean up the program:

“The days at Louisiana Tech University of baggy pants, cell phones in the arena, hats turned to the side — those are over.”

Not only that, but Malone intends to return Tech basketball to its former glory:

“I think discipline has a lot to do with getting back to where we were,” said Malone, who led Tech to the Sweet 16 of the NCAA tournament in 1985 before falling to Houston’s Phi Slamma Jamma. “That’s is the way we are going to strive to do it. We’re going to give a kid something that’s grounded.”

I’ll be pulling for Tech. They have had a rough go of it for too many seasons. So I’m hoping that Malone and the new head coach can get her done. How ’bout them Dawgs!

“Malone, Rupp Focus on Character” – The Monroe News-Star



    I’ll take two (2) tickets to the gun show!

    I was never a Malone fan … until he joined the Mighty Lakers. I was so bummed they didn’t get him a championship as he was one of the few playing with any intensity on that team as the playoffs progressed.

  • Barry

    Wahoo! “We got some dawgs up in here!”

    And, for the record, every time I spell “Louisiana” I hear the Tech cheers in my head. Don’t say you don’t as well, Denny.


  • dennyrburk


    I pulled against the Lakers each of the three years they won the championship with Kobe and Shaq. It was so frustrating. I don’t like the Lakers very much.

    But I decided to pull for them with Karl Malone joined the team. I wanted him to have a championship. The one time I pull for the Lakers, they stink the place up. I’m still bitter about it.

    So I can commiserate with you.


  • rafe

    Malone’s participation goes deeper than just his money/celebrity. He takes alot of pride in being successful–the right way. He owns a construction company and car dealerships; and it seems like everything he touches, “turns to gold”. I met the coach he basically handpicked an came away very impressed.

  • The Hoodlum

    Rafe doesn’t know a thing about LA Tech B-Ball. He thought Woolridge was going to revive the program.

    Now if we could just get “Corn” back on the team…imagine what Malone could turn him into after a year in the weight room.

    I hope the Mailman gets a permit for those guns before he moves to Ruston. Woot!

  • thelegendoftimrattay

    he likes to walk around his house and pool naked. (kind of like Denny) he was surprized by the pool guy the other day while strolling about in all his glory and told him never to come without calling ahead, the pool guy subsequently quit, or so he tells my dad, as he cleans his pool as well.

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