The Inimitable Douglas Wilson on N. T. Wright

The inimitable Douglas Wilson on what evangelical Episcopalians should do in light of their denomination’s decision to ordain homosexuals as bishops:

I am a Presbyterian American, and so it is not really my place to give unsolicited advice to my friends who really like the prayer book. But if they asked, and if I thought I could give input without giving offense, I would encourage them to get their white little Anglican rear-ends into submission to an orthodox African bishop somewhere (source).

Wilson is not the only outsider who has considered offering such unsolicited advice. I felt like doing that very thing in my interview with one such pastor two weeks ago (hear my interview with David Rosenberry). Because many evangelical Episcopal churches are in fact declaring their independence from the Episcopal church U.S.A., I wouldn’t be surprised if we see something like this happening in the very near future.

Wilson’s remarks appear in the midst of a hard-hitting critique of Bishop N. T. Wright’s inaction on the controversy that is roiling the Anglican communion. Like Al Mohler, Douglas Wilson insists that the Episcopal church’s prior decision to ordain women is inextricably linked to the current controversy over ordaining homosexuals. Thus, whether Wright likes it or not, his support of the ordination of women contributed to the schism.

The ordination of women and the ordination of homosexuals are not two separate issues, but rather two manifestations of one issue. What is that issue? We do not want God to define who we are. Because these are not two separate issues, an evangelical support for women’s ordination is actually an ignorant support of homosexual ordination (source).

Go check out the rest of Wilson’s essay here. I’ll be interested to hear what you think.

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