The gospel according to Duck Dynasty

I don’t know if you’ve ever seen the A&E program “Duck Dynasty,” but I have. The family that is featured on this reality program hails from my home state of Louisiana and from my wife’s hometown of West Monroe. So my wife in particular makes sure that we see our fair share of this program.

In the video above, the duck commander himself Phil Robertson shares his Christian testimony. He and his cohorts may look like ZZ Top sans shower and guitars, but I think they have a little more ballast in their boat than the old rock band. Robertson says this about Jesus’ sacrificial death: “That was a mighty fine thing to do for a scumbag like me.”

Watch the rest above.


  • Ben Carmack

    Well, looks like the Holy Spirit is at work in the wilds of the swamps and bayous, baptizing duck hunters into Christ. Hey if he can’t get the intellectuals, the yuppies, the Democrats or the Republicans, he’ll go where He can make a difference.

  • Kevin Balch

    FWIW, Phil Robertson is a Church of Christ preacher-lay or ordained, I’m not sure. One of his sons, who’s not involved in the show, pastors a large Church of Christ church in West Monroe, LA. I’m not an expert on CoC theology, but what little I know of it doesn’t mesh too well with SBC theology. Just throwing this out there for consideration.

    • Denny Burk

      That’s really interesting, given their views on baptism. Since Lifeway produced the video, I’m assuming that he must have an evangelical testimony nevertheless.

  • Don Johnson

    I saw Willie Robertson at Wildfire just this last weekend. He has a theology degree (surprise) as does another in his family, I think his brother, if I recall correctly.

  • John Smith

    You can have all the theology you want, but as a member of the coC for over ten years who recently walked away I am here to tell you that if any man says that you must be baptized into their religion or you are going to hell, they missed the part about Gods all inclusive love for “believers” even those who only believe in His name. Kinda leaves the work out of it. Since I walked away my wife and her family have been telling my six children that I have fallen away and am going to Hell. Truthfully, I am stronger spiritually now than the 12 years wandering in the coC wilderness. Jesus Is Lord! Nuff Said.

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