• Paul

    Well, he’s right, and the tools that think that global warming is not an issue are wrong.

    I’m glad he won, and I hope that said win brings more people around to his film, and wakes some more folks up.

  • Don

    al gore is a Fake Phony and two bit Fraud… Still waiting for the first test that shows man is responsible for any warming. Sorry Paul, in 1971 the big fear from these same wackos was global cooling. Big worry about the farmers and crops. Look at history and the cycles. al bore won because it’s political, they are showing this joke of a movie in schools as if it were fact. Teachers are not telling kids that there is a different point of view. Teachers are members of the NEA union and who’s pockets are they in. The dems/libs…..There is no concensus in science. There is only Fact… Wake up

  • Paul


    what about the FACT that no anti-global warming position papers have come from the scientific community? Sure, we see them from Exxon, but not from the scientists themselves.

    God gave us this planet. He gave us every plant and herb to USE, not to destroy. You don’t get to pick and choose what you want to believe or how you want to act on it.

  • Don

    Paul, If you listen to talk radio there are a whole bunch of scientists who disagree with man made global warming. They believe it is the sun and that it runs in cycles. I am not an expert on this but I have found that if you don’t buy the enviro-madness you are an outcast Look at the woman from the weather cahannel was said any of her peers who do believe man is responsible for G. warming should lose thier positions. She got creamed by her peers and had to go on her website and say the usual “I was taken out of context” BS. As I said science is Fact concencus is concencus. The lawmakers al bore the hollyweird types tell us to drive around on a lawnmower while they jet around warning us that the sky is falling. Think about it.

  • D. Taylor Benton

    Just as they sensationalists said in the 70s and 80s that the globe was on a trend to Freeze, and the folks that said we would run out of water, and run out of food, and be over populated, Al Gore and the global warming folks will be gone and not heard of in 10 years, I promise.

    I thought I would link this article about Gore. Pretty interesting, and for those folks that only say the right are coming out against global warming…this article is from ABC.. Well known to be leftist.


  • Micah

    Teachers are members of the NEA union and who’s pockets are they in. The dems/libs…

    I don’t know that syntactically this makes any sense, but it sure makes me laugh. (Actually, it’s the political powers and evil dollars making me laugh for I am a puppet of more powerful men).

  • Paul


    YOU teach. Then tell me there’s not a need for elementary and high school teachers to unionize. Until you’ve been there (and my wife and sister both have), you’d best simply be thankful that your kids get a halfway decent education.

  • Don

    Paul, No I don’t teach. {State Trooper for 26 years} I coached wrestling for 17 years at the HS level} sister-in-law- and brother teachers. I do not think it’s an easy job by any means. It’s tough and getting tougher each year. I’m saying that their union or union leaders pave a road that leads to the wishes of the Dem. party. Most teachers I know are libs and don’t even know why.I find that if you have one that is conservative he or she is in the closet so to speak. Not a knock on teachers at all. One very quick point ref: gore Yesterday it came out that the house he lives in consumes more energy then 20-30 houses. That’s fine but he tells you & I how to conserve. Let’s face it, This guys a Fraud. Where did all his money come from An huge energy Co. He owned those rentals that were fined for being horrible dumps. Fake Phony Fraud.Remember he didn’t even win his home state in 2000. Which recount did he win in Fl. #1 or #20. None

  • dorsey

    Dude, when you start crying “lib,” and start screaming about who’s in whose pocket, do you not see the irony in your position? You have counterparts on the “other side” who are crying “fundy” and placing you in the pockets of Dobson, Robertson and Falwell. And, while you might have a point, so do they.

    Once this argument became political (very early on), the truth was out the window. You can’t separate the true science from the political spin on either side. I wonder if all the hot air being generated is contributing to the warming, as well?

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