Ted Kluck Tees-off on Throw-Back Uniforms

Ted Kluck goes on a tear about the throw-back uniforms that Nebraska and Wisconsin were sporting Saturday night. As usual, he puts things in a way that only Ted Kluck can. He writes:

I know there are sadder things in the world than the state of college football uniforms. I know that there is world hunger, human trafficking, and those Sarah McLachlan dog-rescue commercials. All of those things are sadder than Nebraska’s alternate uniform. But still, perhaps there are other ways for schools to show that they have such an ungodly amount of money that they don’t know what to do with all of it. I’ve included a few ideas below:

I’m not nearly as keyed-up about it as Kluck is, but still I wonder. Why does Nebraska need a throw-back uniform? Their regular uniforms already look retro enough. Unless they want to dispense with facemasks and wear leather helmets, I don’t think they need to make their uniforms look more antiquey than they already do. Just my two cents.


  • benklar

    As a lifelong Husker fan I really didn’t see much in the way of “throwback” to these uniforms and I’m confused about why the term is even being used to describe them. Except for the fact that there was a big “N” and “W” on the front instead of numbers, I only saw these uniforms as overdone alternate uniforms. I liked the helmets and wouldn’t mind seeing them another time but if you want to see a real Neb throwback uni just Google “Nebraska 1962 throwback.” Give me a real throwback or just give me the normal unis. Nothing wrong with the old scarlet and cream.

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