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Tebow Ad: Politics or Christianity?

I wrote last week about Tim Tebow’s pro-life commercial to be aired during the Superbowl. The spot has already sparked controversy even though no one has even seen the ad yet. ABC News reports that pro-choice and homosexual activist groups on the campus of the University of Florida are already taking shots at Tebow for going “political.”

Daniel Smith, UF associate professor of political science and faculty adviser to “Gators for Choice,” says that,

“It’s a big coming-out party for Tim Tebow in terms of moving from athletic superstar to the political realm. . . Whoever wants to pay for an ad during the Super Bowl should be able to do so. It’s more interesting that Focus on the Family was able to convince Tim Tebow to promote their organization and their issues.”

I think this professor’s remark comes off as patronizing. It’s an attempt to paint Tebow as a dupe for a political organization—as if his pro-life views weren’t really his own. I’m not buying that, and I’ll bet hardly anyone else will either. He’s a Christian (as practically everyone knows), and protecting innocent humans from being killed is a transcendent value for Christians. It’s simply a part of following Jesus’ command to care for “the least of these” (Matthew 25:40).

I think the Tebow ad is less about Tebow’s politics than it is about his Christianity. Cynical professors notwithstanding, I’m betting that’s how most everyone else will see it too.


  • John Holmberg


    I totally agree with you 100%. The only thing that probably gets people riled up is not that it’s a “pro-life” commercial per se, but that it’s sponsored by Focus on the Family. Regardless, I agree with you 100% on this one (and I don’t say that very often!)

  • Scott

    Totally agree with you on this one Denny!

    John, I’m not sure it matters if Focus on the Family is the sponsor. I think the anger would be there regardless of the sponsor.

  • Ryan K

    Yes this really has created quite the stir. Driving home yesterday even my local sports talk radio show was discussing Tim Tebow and abortion. So if the goal was to get people talking then mission accomplished.

    Though I find it funny that everyone always thinks this is a political or religious matter. Truth be told is is primarily scientific; we are all talking about what is the unborn? This is not about one having a religious sentiment that a fetus is human, its about the science clearly showing a baby in the womb is just as much a human as me or anyone else.

    I know plenty of atheists who are pro-life because the science is overwhelmingly compelling on the matter as to what is the unborn.

  • Matt Svoboda


    By the way, I agree with you 100%.

    On a joking matter: Do you think Tim Tebow could be the “John the Baptist” of the Second Coming? Is he preparing the way for the Kingdom of God to be consummated? It sure seems that way!!! Isn’t he just great!

    lol… Sorry, I just had to!

  • Paula

    And predictably, people are discussing whether this will harm his chances in the NFL draft. Having a sponsor’s dream like Tebo on an NFL team is certainly not going to hurt anyone’s bottom line. Silliness.

  • Tim

    I am an Atheist. I fully support Tebow’s position. I don’t think the Professor was patronizing. Just from the text of his statement it would appear he believes Tebow made a well thought out decision to PUBLICLY support an issue he has always supported privately. He simply decided which organization he would use to fund the message.

    And I believe it is a massive hypocrisy for ANY of these “womens” groups to NOT support this message of life. Although I am not a Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, Jew, etc….I certainly DO believe in the sanctity of life!

    Best to all.

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