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Swallowing the Feminist Narrative Hook, Line, and Sinker

How many of you saw the news last week about outraged congresswomen who stormed out of the congressional hearing on the contraceptive mandate? I did. I also saw Nancy Pelosi and a host of others angrily denouncing the fact that there were no women represented on the panel. So they decried the panel as a sham and as a threat to women’s rights. Essentially, they were saying this:

This hubbub about the HHR mandate is just a bunch of men trying to deprive women of their contraceptives. Women beware! They’re coming for your contraceptives too!

Nevermind that the claim was untrue. These pro-choice politicians found willing partners in the mainstream media who swallowed the feminist narrative hook, line, and sinker. And here’s the picture that was aired on every television station to drive the point home.

No reporters seemed to ponder the possibility that the feminists might have an agenda to deflect attention from the real point of the panel—the violation of religious liberty in the President’s new healthcare law. Nor did the various news outlets give much attention at all to a photo of the second panel that addressed congress:

I would like to think that you didn’t see the second photo because it was a secret meeting and the media didn’t know about it. But we all know that’s not the case. The media were willing accomplices of the feminist narrative. The first photo supported that narrative, but the second one didn’t. So you didn’t see the second photo. They wanted the optics to serve a particular agenda, and it worked.

The violation of religious liberty was completely pushed out the frame by the pro-abortionists. And that, my friends, is what it means to get spun.

(HT: Gina Dalfonzo)


  • Bruce H.

    The liberal mindset is embedded with catch words that initiate a canned response. It is like they are robots with voice activation for the cause. I had a union employee that came to me requesting that he not be required to enter the elevator pit because of his arthritis in his hands and his age. I agreed without question. I just asked him to let me know if he needed help on any location and I would supply a helper to assist him. I was talking to the union administrator and told him the story. When I said “age” he immediately accused me of age discrimination. He wanted me on the defense and I wouldn’t do it. I’m glad to know the vengeance isn’t mine because I would mess it all up.

  • JStanton

    Bruce H, your comments on catch words apply to anyone of any ideology. I’m sure you can think of a few that set you off.

    Politicians often use catch words to send a “dog whistle” to certain groups. See Obama on “increasing women’s access to healthcare”. Or Santorum’s “phony theology”.

    • Bruce H.

      God’s method of teaching the law in Deut. 6:4-9 was used the same way. It was to initiate a response to the conscience of the individual. We do not attack when the catch words are affixed to love within the believer. That would mean we respond differently than the world.

    • Paul

      the left are the only ones guilty of this? That’s just modern American politics. And Denny, if you really want to tell me that this is only something that the left does, I could just about crash your site with instances of the right doing the same. If you don’t like the left doing it, fine, but claiming that they have these tricks locked up is just silly. SILLY.

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