Seven Simple Rules for Tweeting with Class

Chuck Fuller has some sage advice for Christians who use Twitter. He writes:

Ethically, Christians must think of Twitter no differently than other forms of speech. The biblical instructions concerning one’s words broadcast from the mouth apply also to words broadcast over social media. Try reading James 3:1-12, and replace each instance of the word “tongue” with “Tweet.” Really. Do it. See what I mean?…

Twitter is a semi-public space. Tweeting is the equivalent of saying something very loudly in a large room full of people with whom you have varying degrees of relationship. Don’t Tweet what you wouldn’t say in that room. Rather, “give grace to those who hear” (Ephesians 4:29).

Fuller follows-up with his “simple seven rules for tweeting with class.” Here’s the outline:

1. Venting your petty frustrations only frustrates others.

2. Say what builds up (Ephesians 4:29).

3. Tweet the “C’est La Vie” (your “such is life” moments).

4. Seize the platform, but don’t make Twitter your pulpit.

5. Save your privacy and avoid TMI.

6. Exerting influence isn’t building your brand.

7. Keep personal conversations personal.

You really should take a minute to read the whole thing. It’s really helpful.


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