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Saving Dr. Brantly

The video above is Part 1 of Dateline’s interview with Dr. Kent Brantly, the Christian doctor who survived Ebola. Matt Lauer’s report is a faithful account of what happened to the Brantly’s from their first Ebola patient to Dr. Brantly’s recovery. It’s very well done. You can watch Part 1 above and the other 5 parts here.


  • Katie Sayre

    Hi Denny, I have read your blog for some time now and really enjoy it. Thank you for posting this interview–my husband and I are both medical professionals who have spent time working in Africa. We have followed this Ebola story with extreme interest and concern. I am currently re-reading a book that I was first introduced to while in Nigeria. It is called Fever! by John G Fuller. It’s a fascinating page turner about the discovery of the Lassa Fever virus.

  • Brian Darby

    This was very moving, I was deeply touched by this fine man’s bravery and selflessness. A few folks spoke rather harsh of the money spent to bring this Doctor home and help him get better. The pundit that brought up this disagreement claims to be a Christian. I am not a Christian in the evangelical sense, but it was good what they did, bringing him home. When we, as a species spend more money on developing medication / defenses against these vile diseases than we do on war it will be a good day for us.

    Ebola is no respecter of creed, color, ethnicity, political affiliation or nationality, it just kills that is what it does. It needs to die, because this puppy could be a species ender. Thanks for sharing this wonderful interview.

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