Ryan Anderson at The Atlantic’s inaugural LGBT forum

Last week, I watched Ryan Anderson’s interview at The Atlantic’s inaugural LGBT summit. It is fair to say that Ryan was in hostile territory in this appearance. He was the lone speaker to oppose gay marriage at a conference filled with gay marriage supporters.

I think it was remarkable that they even included him on the program. Going forward, I expect conferences like this not to tolerate any arguments that contradict the new orthodoxy. Indeed, for the most part, that’s how things already are. This conference seems to be an outlier on this point.

The interview was respectful, and I think Ryan was compelling. I doubt anyone in that audience changed their mind, but Ryan shows exactly how to disagree without being disagreeable. Really well done.

One Response to Ryan Anderson at The Atlantic’s inaugural LGBT forum

  1. revtimbrown December 16, 2015 at 10:10 am #

    Thanks for sharing. Ryan Anderson is one of the very best spokesmen on this issue in the public sphere that I have encountered. Articulate, intelligent, fair, and persuasive.

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