Ross Douthat’s Exit-Strategy

Ross Douthat’s column for the NY Times argues that victory is the only exit-strategy for the war in Afghanistan. He writes:

“Here is the grim paradox of America’s involvement in Afghanistan: The darker things get and the more setbacks we suffer, the better the odds that we’ll be staying there indefinitely.

“Not the way we’re there today, with 90,000 American troops in-theater and an assortment of NATO allies fighting alongside. But if the current counterinsurgency campaign collapses, it almost guarantees that some kind of American military presence will be propping up some sort of Afghan state in 2020 and beyond. Failure promises to trap us; success is our only ticket out.”

Read the rest here.

One Response to Ross Douthat’s Exit-Strategy

  1. Michael Templin June 29, 2010 at 6:44 pm #

    How do we win against terrorism? We are not fighting armies, but ideologies and religions. The Gospel and Kingdom could only end this war.

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