Rick Warren Would Rather Go to Jail than Obey New Healthcare Law

Rick Warren delivered the invocation at President Obama’s inauguration, and he is also one of the most well-known pastors in the country. He does not, however, support the administration’s new healthcare law requiring religious organizations to pay for abortions. In his own words:

I’m not a Catholic but I stand in 100% solidarity with my brothers & sisters to practice their belief against govt pressure […]

I’d go to jail rather than cave in to a government mandate that violates what God commands us to do. Would you? Acts 5:29.

By the way, anyone who thinks that this is just a Catholic issue is sadly mistaken. Protestants have universities and hospitals that will be required by law to pay for abortions for their employees. Thus, evangelical Protestants are facing the same threat to religious freedom that the Catholics are.

(HT: Jim Smith)


  • PuritanD71


    So when a semiinary must pay for healthcare for an employee that offers abortion without any co-pay, how is that not being forced to pay for an abortion, by the seminary?

  • PuritanD71


    I have a question with aligning ourselves with others on this horrendous mandate.

    How are we to handle the Evangelical co-belligerence that does not seem to have a biblical footing?

    In other words, is there a danger of theological confusion if we hold hands with those we disagree with Biblically?


  • Paul

    Puritan – kind of funny that you’re commenting on a deleted comment…anyway…contraceptives are covered. Birth control pills. And it is a stretch to call Plan B an abortion. But you can’t go to an abortion doctor claiming that abortion is a contraceptive. So, Denny’s whole take on it is misleading.

    I see where Warren is going with it, and I agree. Kinda. Work for a church, a seminary or something that deals directly with church business where 99% of the workforce will be likeminded believers? Warren is right. However, it the Catholic church wants to be in the business of education and health care, and they’re not just hiring Catholics, then yeah, the religious exemption net does get cast a bit wide.

  • Harold Wint

    As usual, the American society is full of wise-guys. We take the simplest causes and make them complicated. It is this simple:

    1. Abortion is the murder of babies.
    2. Jesus Christ does not support abortion.
    3. Christians follow Jesus Christ ONLY.
    4. Christians therefore do not support abortion: so, FIGHT against it. Fight to protect the life of the innocent. Trample Obamacare.

    It’s that simple.

    • trip7600

      I agree, this isn’t complicated. We must stand with those who are with us on the most basic of issues or Obama will become a dictator. Satan is a democrat!!!!

  • steve king

    Look up Eugenics this is where we are headed, like a snowball rolling down a hill the long we have let it rool the faster it will roll. First ammendment be damned.

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